How much care does the biobox need?

Biobox needs a little care. In every 2 weeks compost powder and microbes must be inserted into the biobox. Biobox also must be spinned at least in 2 weeks to speed up the process. 

What can I put into the biobox?

Vegetable and fruit remains and peels, plants, flour and bread products, coffee grounds, herbs, unprocessed paper and cardboard, egg shells, jam and jelly remains, garden waste etc. 

Composting dairy and meat remains is possible but to achieve best humus quality and odor free composting we recommend that those substances do not exceed 5% of the whole inner biobox mass.

Biobox 2 also raises the temperature of the compost to a level that eliminates all the pathogens that might come with meat remains from the humus. 

Where can I keep the biobox?

Biobox can be placed on the balcony, on your veranda, just by the house or to indoor utility rooms like garage or basement. 

Is the biobox weatherproof?

Yes, the biobox is made of weatherproof materials. Biobox 2 makes the composting process unaffected of outside temperatures. 

For how long do the composting microbes and powder last?

One set of composting microbes and powder last for around 6 months. 

How much energy does the biobox 2 consume?

Biobox 2 has an energy consumption of 40W/H which is equal to a lightbulb.

For how many people is the biobox suitable?

Bioboxes are suitable for recycling up to 5 people’s biowaste. The capacity of biowaste is 50 litres.

Biobox 1 can recycle up to 300 litres of waste per year.

Biobox 2 can recycle up to 600 litres of waste per year.

How does the biobox work?

Biobox creates the perfect conditions for composting your food scraps. Biobox works organic composting microbes and composting microbes that speed up the composting process up to 10 times when compared to regular composting piles. The process is supported by a tumbler mixing system that enables oxygen to reach all the inner levels and speed up the process.

Biobox is supplied with a smart and economic heating system that helps the composter reach the perfect temperature throughout the year and speed up the process. 

Should I cut my food waste into smaller pieces?

The biobox decomposes everything, even larger pieces of biowaste, but cutting helps decompose substances substantially faster. We advise to chop or at least cut in half such products as tomatoes, cabbages and all other hard or tough skinned vegetables.

How much time does it take to turn your food waste to fertilizer?

Biobox 2 turns the first biowaste to fertilizer in approximately 2-3 weeks. If the biowaste is inserted continuously the whole cycle will be complete in approximately 3 months. 

Can I add food scraps continuously to the biobox?

Yes, food scraps can be inserted into the biobox continuously. 

How does the biobox avoid odors and flies?

Bioboxes have a ventilation system that creates an airflow that avoids bad odor emissions. Composting powder and microbes also regulate the inside moisture in the right way that also avoids odors. 

Biobox 2 also avoids the bad odors with the help of the heating system that enables to compost without odors basically in any conditions.

What is the size of the biobox?

Size - 450 x 490 x 530mm.

Does the biobox work year-round?

Biobox 2 works efficiently year-round even during lower temperatures.

Biobox 1 works best in spring, summer and early autumn. During colder periods the process slows down and the biobox is recommended to be placed into indoor utility rooms.

What is not recommended to be put into the biobox?

For quality composting, inserting liquids and milk remains into the biobox is not recommended. 

Items that can’t be inserted into the biobox - animal excrements, plastic, chemicals, hair, bones, metals and glass. 

For how long do the composting microbes and powder last?

Composting powder lasts for around 4 months. Composting microbes last for around 6 months.

Where is the biobox shipped?

Biobox is shipped to following regions - Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus.

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