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Biobox + composting starter kit

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Benefits of the biobox

Turn your food scraps to value.

Turn your food scraps to value.

Our aim is to make recycling food scraps so exciting that it becomes the natural way of life.

Save the environment

Save the environment

Sorting biowaste avoids it from becoming a source of CO2 emissions. Unsorted biowaste  makes it difficult to recycle plastic in the waste centers.

Designed to make your life easier.

Designed to make your life easier.

Sorting waste takes a creat effort. Biobox allows you to do it without smell, swarm of flies and without the need to take your garbage out too often.

About the technology

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How to use the composter?

1. Start adding your daily waste. Remains of flour products, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds and so on.

2. Add compost microbes, spin the composter after every 2 weeks and add waste continuously. In 60 days, the first ready-to-use humus will be produced.

3. Fertilize your garden. Homemade humus is a nutritious food for your plants.

Spin the composter at least 3 times in a week. This will speed up the process and avoid smell.

Have some questions about the technology? Find out more in our FAQ section.

Case studies

Europe's biggest home composting pilot project of 2019.

Read more about the pilot here


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