Composter + composting starter kit

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Outdoor supercomposter that turns your biowaste into fertilizer. Wastefox recycles food scraps without odors and does it up to 5 times quicker. The final product can be used as a natural fertilizer in your garden.

Supercomposter works on organic compost microbes that need to be added to the box after 2 weeks. Spin the composter every time you insert the waste - this makes the process faster and absorbs bad odors. 

  • Composter + 4 month supply of composting microbes and compost powder.
  • Size - 510 x 510 x 570mm.
  • Capacity - 50L.
  • Can process up to 600 litres of biowaste in one year.
  • Made in Estonia, EU.

Supercomposters will be delivered before 15th September.