What kind of biowaste can I put into the biobox?

Vegetables, fruits, plants, flour and bread products, coffee grounds, herbs, soya and rice milk, unprocessed paper and cardboard, egg shells jam and jelly remains etc. Decomposing meat and dairy remains is not recommended  - Processing these would consume more energy. We like to keep the process as natural as possible.

What is the size of the biobox?

800x340x380mm - lid of the biobox can be used as a perfect workspace in the kitchen.

Is there any bad smell coming from the biobox?

No bad smell will emit from the biobox during the process.

How long does it take for the humus to get processed?

In 2-3 months the biobox is filled with ready to use humus. Waste can be added to the box continuously during 2-3 months.

What do the bacterial liquid and compost powder consist of?

Compost liquid Festinate consists of decomposing bacteria and microbes that originate from regular compost piles. Compost powder Terra consists of seaweed and macroelements.

What are the compost liquid and compost powder needed for?

Compost liquid and powder will boost up the decomposition process and make the smell disappear during the process.

How often do I need to add the compost liquid and powder?

After every 1.5 weeks. One set of powder and liquid will last for 3 months.

Are these substances safe for health?

Compost liquid and powder don’t affect human health in any way if used correctly.

How can I empty the biobox?

The inner box has handlings that make it easy to lift when filled with humus. The inner box comes out from the outer box and it can be used during garden works when fertilizer is needed. Smaller amounts of humus can also be taken through the lid. Humus can also be stored for longer periods when usage is not needed at the moment.

How much electricity does the biobox consume?

Biobox consumes max 12W/h of energy. It is less energy than a regular phone charger takes. Electricity is needed to provide the composting process with the right amount of heat to make it work properly.

How much biowaste can the biobox process?

Biobox can process more than 300 kg of biowaste per year.