About Wastefox

We aim to make sorting waste so exciting that it becomes people's natural hobby. Our mission is to prevent 8% of all EU's food waste from entering the landfills by 2031 with our technologies. 

Landfilling biowaste creates many problems: from global warming to human toxicity in soil, water and air.

Wastefox prevents Greenhouse gas emissions by bringing food waste back to the natural cycle and avoid it from being landfilled. Biobox binds the CO2 to the soil. Additionally, using our technology replaces chemical fertilizers and saves the fuel of garbage trucks in the long run.

Wastefox (formerly Festera) was founded as a student company and awarded with the title of Student Company of the Year 2017 in Europe. Founders of Wastefox were ambitious and open-minded high school students whose greater goal was to change the world and discover what the world of startups has to offer.