Wastefox completed Europe's largest pilot project. of home composters in Tallinn.



Wastefox completed Europe's largest pilot project. of home composters in Tallinn.

In August, Wastefox started a pilot project -  during that bioboxes were handed to 150 households. The aim of the project was to determine how efficient are bioboxes for increasing the amount of food waste that is recycled and removed from the waste circulation in urban conditions. Half of the participants were from Haabersti district and the other half were from other parts of Tallinn.

For four months, the Tallinn Waste Center weighed mixed municipal waste containers of participant’s from Haabersti to determine whether the amount of biowaste in municipal waste has decreased after the distribution of the composter. Wastefox also asked the participants for feedback about the user-friendliness of the bioboxes, the sorting habits of the participants and the process in the biobox.  

During the weighing of waste containers, it appeared that the amount of waste in the mixed municipal waste containers of participant's decreased by an average of ⅓ over 4 months. In addition, half of the project participants stated that they started to sort more waste during the project. over ⅓ of particiapants sorted biowaste already before the project. During the pilot 9000+ litres of biowaste was sorted and recycled with the help of bioboxes.

Wastefox receiver over 50 innovative ideas from participants on how to further develop bioboxes and which type of new biobox models should be made available in the future.

Based on the results of the project, a new Wastefox 2 technology has been developed.

The project was carried out in cooperation with EIT Climate-KIC, Cleantech Forest NGO, Tallinn Waste Center, Tallinn City and Ministry of Environment.