Today’s weird ideas - the standards of tomorrow

Our planet is rushing towards a catastrophic turn - 16 warmest years of all-time have been after the year 2000. Angela Merkel herself has stated that Paris Agreement is not enough to solve the climate problem. To prevent dangerous climate change, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in 30 years! Seems impossible and it really is if we do not change ourselves right now.

What can we do? Do we need to stop drinking water, using electricity, consuming anything at all? We in Festera don’t believe so. To let our planet live, we do not have to stop living ourselves. It goes the other way around – life can be much more exciting when helping our dear Earth! Our mission is to turn sorting waste into your hobby. It just makes you feel good - one can really have a hard time identifying our Nordic-designed, wooden (and not to forget odorless) biobox as a trash can. At the same time, you can do good as well - using Festera for a year has the same impact as giving up your car for a month.

Some people choose us because of design, others just like to watch how their trash turns back to the natural cycle. Adding biowaste becomes a game for the entire family. As the feedback by our test clients shows, children are usually the biggest fans of the biobox. Growing plants with homemade humus is a great way to teach kids one or two things about nature. Enjoying natural food is also a privilege that Festera helps to offer the entire family. Even growing herbs on your kitchen window is a step towards pure food and living greener.

People do not like changes, it is usually because using new and innovative stuff has been made far too difficult. Our market research has shown that much more people would want to sort waste, but they do not know how to - it seems hard and unpleasant. That’s why we in Festera think that design should be a crucial aspect of any new technical and innovative device, it works like a bridge between inventors and users. A good designer understands that a great product has to be attractive and fun to use, otherwise it won’t stick to people’s lives. Festera’s biobox is also to be seen as a one-of-a-kind style element, it’s giving your kitchen something more, something unique.

We cannot solve the problems of the new world using the old ways. Today’s innovative and strange will be the new normality tomorrow. Biobox will be a part of every stylish kitchen in five years time, even if the idea of a designer trash can seems weird right now.