Why is composting good? Here are 3 reasons.

In the modern world, composting is not only for people living in countryside - urban composting is turning essential due to the necessity of sorting biowaste and recycling it at home.

Here are 3 reasons why composting is good:

Produce natural fertilizer for your plants

Composting biowaste reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Using homemade compost as a fertilizer in your garden or flowerpots is the best alternative for artificial fertilizers bought from garden stores.

It helps save the environment

Composting food scraps and domestic biowaste prevents biowaste from entering the landfills. It helps us reduce greenhouse gas emissions - aerobic composting binds the CO2 and methane into the humus and prevents them from emitting into the atmosphere. Composting is an efficient way for reducing your ecological footprint.

Composting can be exciting

Composting and collecting your food waste separately is a good way for creating a habit of sorting waste. A composting process that is pleasant and quickly shows great results gives you a strong feeling of success and doing the right thing.

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