Featuring our biobox user Johanna.

Introducing our biobox user Johanna!

How long have you used the biobox? How many biobobxes do you have?

We have used the biobox for around 6 months by now. We currently have 2 bioboxes.

Where do you keep your biobox?

We keep our bioboxes on the balcony.

Did you compost and sort your biowaste before? How has the biobox affected your habit of sorting biowaste? How has the family adopted the biobox?

Due to the fact that we didn’t have any good options for sorting biowaste, we just took the food scraps with mixed waste. Our apartment building has a biowaste container but it isn’t really a good solution. Food scraps started to smell in the flat and we didn’t take them out every day. Now it is easy and convenient to just take them on the balcony and insert them into the biobox. Everyone’s happy because food scraps don’t smell and we have to take the waste out less often.

What are the main benefits of using biobox for you?

Sorting biowaste became significantly easier.

What are you mainly composting?

We mostly compost fruit and vegetable peels. Also some apples and strawberries that have gone bad and so on.

How have you used or plan to use the humus that is produced with the biobox?

We haven’t used it yet. We are probably going to use it on the grandma’s strawberry field.

Any biobox tips?

Collect your food scraps into a closed box in your kitchen. If the box gets filled, you can comfortably insert all the food scraps into the biobox.